Update on the piece of “Stenstrom and the gang” for Ren Garcia. Since a while now I use advanced lighting techniques to model a specific plasticity on characters through digital painting. It is a very common practice, but working in Photoshop makes this a charm and it adds so much depth and value to a piece. It took the longest time to paint all the surfaces on the cloth and the specific ornamental parts, but that was also the most fun part.

Stenstrom and the gang: a new promotional piece done for author Ren Garcia. This one was different for me, started with just one character, then 2 others came in and a background was developed upon request with a “sould-devour”.

The first sketches for this were done on paper with pencil each character on a different sheet, then scanned and merged into one composite, the stroke in the background was just to show something for a simple background. that was before the idea with the forest background came up. Next post will show refinement and better coloring stages.